Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Every home and business deserves clean windows...

Having your windows cleaned by professionals will save you not just your time and it will also ensure the services are done at a superior level. Perfection matters when it comes to services at your home - that's why we had named our company Perfect Window and Eaves Cleaning. We are aware that having your windows spotless is very important to you therefore our experienced window cleaners will always go above and beyond your expectations to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

As Perfect Window Cleaners, we do not only clean the glass on your windows; we believe that sills, ledges and its frames should also be cleaned at each service, so your windows stay clean for a longer time.

Our window cleaning service includes:
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Three and four-sided Window Cleaning
  • Skylights
  • Hosing down screens

Eavestrough Cleaning

One of the most important sections of your house is the roof and the eavestrough attached to it. Eaves should be cleaned regularly in order to function properly otherwise fallen leaves, debris and shingle dust would clog it. In fact, clogged eaves and downspouts will lead to overflows and leaks which would eventually damage your property.
Eaves cleaning services should be completed by only professionals since a tiny damage on your eaves can cause huge complications on your property.

Our professional eaves cleaning service includes:
  • Removing leaves and all kind of debris from eaves by hand
  • Cleaning the mouth of downspouts
  • Flushing out downspouts with water
  • Disassembling and cleaning the elbow section of the downspouts if it is clogged
  • Installing leaf strainers onto the mouth of down spouts upon request
  • Leaves and debris will be put in waste bags and left on the curb

Eaves cleaning service should be done at least once a year - right after leaves fallen. The frequency of this service also depends on the quantity and type of trees around your property.

Leaf Guard Installation

Eavestrough cleaning is a messy and dangerous task for any homeowner. Eavestroughs should be cleaned regularly only by professionals to eliminate clogs & to prevent damages at your property. The only alternative to regular and costly eavestrough cleaning tasks would be having Leaf Guards installed at your home. Here are some of the very well-known benefits of Leaf Guards:

  • Eliminate Clogs
  • Prevent Water Damage at your basement
  • Reduce Fire Risks
  • Avoid Insect Infestations
  • Extend the Life of Eaves
  • High Return on Investment (ROI)

The specific guard which is preferred by us; is engineered to keep leaves, insects, debris and anything as thin as pine needles out of the eaves and prevents downspouts from clogging. Made from high-grade aluminum provides superior strength and durability. It is also finished with a neutral, non-reflective gray colour to complement any home exterior. We at Perfect Windows follow the perfect process on Leaf Guard Installation services:

  • Cleaning eavestrough and flushing out downspouts
  • Performing required repairs on eaves and downspouts
  • Installing Leaf Guard
  • Maintaining free for the next 4 years

Eavestrough Repair / Replacement

Eavestrough carries the run-off rain water from your roof to the downspouts and then down to the underground sewer or drainage system which leads away from the foundation of your home. Any issues with the eaves should be handled and repaired professionally in a timely manner. This is due to its importance in your roofing system and as well as protection of your home. Otherwise structural damage would be inevitable.

Eavestrough Replacement: Depending on the complexity of the issues on your eavestrough, our sales team may offer to provide you a free estimate on replacing your eaves fully or partially.

Aluminum Siding Cleaning

Our aluminum siding cleaning services include but not limited to:

  • Soffit
  • Fascia
  • Exterior of Eaves and Downspouts

Power Washing

Perfect Window & Eaves Cleaning offers power washing cleaning services on:

  • Decks
  • Awnings
  • Stone Walkways and Patios
  • Fences

Here are the five benefits of Power Washing:
  • A clean home equals higher home value! Keeping a clean appearance of the exterior surfaces at your property can increase the curb appeal for your home or business.
  • A clean home is a healthy home! Keeping germs, gleocapsa magma, algae, and mildew among other contaminants away from the entrances to your home or business where they can come in contact with interior surfaces will stop the spread of bacteria inside your home.
  • Protect your investment. Keeping the exterior surfaces clean at your home or business can increase the life of those surfaces and their paint, stain, or other covering.
  • Reduce illnesses. Keeping bacteria from growing on your property protects you from unhealthy diseases attributed to germs and bacteria.
  • If it looks better, it will perform better. A clean property is a happy property. Just like washing your car or cleaning the inside of your home, a clean exterior looks better and helps function properly.

Residential & Commercial Painting

We, Perfect Window and Eaves Cleaning, also specialize in Residential and Commercial Painting with 10+ years of experience on both Interior and Exterior. Our sales team will provide you a free estimate within 24 hours.

Payment Options

By Pickup

Our sales manager will make a final visit to your home to get your feedback to ensure that you are 100% satisfied on our services. By all means, you can make your payments to our sales manager at that time.

By Online Banking (INTERAC / EMT)

Perfect Window and Eaves Cleaning accepts INTERAC EMT (Email Money Transfer); in order to simplify the process for our customers. All you have to do is following the instructions on your bank’s website or mobile banking application. Please enter as your contact’s email address.

By PayPal

Perfect Window and Eaves Cleaning accepts PayPal payments in order to simplify the process for our customers. Please fill out required fields to complete the payment process.